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A.I. Safety Management Ltd.

Every year in the UK on average 100 people die at work, 157,000 non-fatal accidents get reported, and 40 million working days are lost through sickness.

The likelihood of a fatality at work is low. But think how much accidents and sickness is costing companies in terms of compensation claims, lost productivity and increased insurance premiums. Not to mention the damage to a company’s reputation and profits.

A well-structured health and safety policy in place saves you all this trouble and it makes for good business too.

A.I. Safety Management Ltd, a UK member of the British Safety Council, Fire Protection Association, Fire Industry Association, is committed to helping companies develop Health, Safety and Environmental Best Practice.

We provide an effective range of Health and Safety Management Services. Once in place, these services help to underpin a company’s future health and safety policy.

Specifically, our services help companies of all sizes to:

  • Reduce their costs
  • Improve their productivity
  • Improve the well-being of their staff
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Reduce the number of claims for compensation
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Enhance a company’s reputation.

Before we undertake any work for a company we offer a FREE initial consultation.

At this meeting we discuss a company’s workplace environment and their Health & Safety requirements.

Flexible services for all businesses

A.I. Safety Management Ltd. is an independent company which means we are flexible enough to tailor our health and safety management services to support Our Customers and all types of businesses throughout the UK.

Please feel free to explore our site. You’ll find our contact details are posted at the foot of every page. We are always pleased to answer any of your questions over the phone. Ask about our free, initial consultation with no obligation on your part whatsoever.

Or if you prefer, click on Contact Us and you’ll find a simple contact form to complete. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

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