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Health and safety training london

We are a niche solicitors practice specialising in employment. We have been happy to recommend A.I. Safety Management to our clients when they have required advice and assistance with health and safety matters. Our clients have been very happy with the service provided by A.I. Safety.”

Sharma Solicitors, London

Health & Safety training

Health and safety law says that employees must be trained and clearly instructed in their duties.

We advise you on the type of training you will need to provide, and we help you set it up. This might include hazard identification skills; the proper use of protective clothing and equipment; manual handling techniques; duties, rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee in the workplace.

In addition, for those wishing to improve general health and safety in their organisation we help you:

  • Implement schedules for active monitoring and analysing records
  • Health and Safety legislation / Codes of Practice
  • Active monitoring (Inspections, Checks and Audits)
  • Procedures and techniques used in management reviews
  • Accident and incident investigation

We also help companies wishing to raise awareness of Health and Safety legislation amongst their executives and key managers. Of particular importance relevance here are:

  • The legal framework
  • Statutory / common Law
  • Risk assessment
  • Health and Safety management
  • The root causes of accidents
  • Requirements and potential penalties
  • Financial implications