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Health and safety services london

“The regulatory pressure of a health and safety audit seems like another piece of red tape that a small business needs to negotiate. However, the quality of support provided by A.I. Safety Management ensured that we were not only able to meet our statutory requirements, but also guarantee the quality of our working environment as well as develop our competitive advantage. The professionalism of A.I. Safety Management was underlined by the speed and efficiency in the delivery of their services – all provided at a price that met our budget requirements.”

Anthony Impey, Optimity, London

Risk assessment & safety surveys

What is a “risk” in the workplace?

If you are not confident about how to assess risks in your workplace, it makes sense to seek outside help.

Risk assessment is the first step to effectively managing your company’s health and safety.

All businesses have a duty under health and safety law to carry out risk assessments. The law also requires that companies with five or more people have to document the significant findings of their assessment, and plan to ensure that no one in the firm gets hurt or becomes ill.

At A.I. Safety Management Ltd. we help you to identify the particular risks in your workplace and advise you on the best way to manage these risks so you comply with the health and safety law.

Following your risk assessment we provided a fully documented detailed report for you to action.